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Alamo Title Company has been providing title insurance and escrow closing services for buying, selling and refinancing real estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth market since 1922. Together, with its parent company (Fidelity National Financial), Alamo Title Company is one of the nation’s largest title insurance companies offering unmatched financial strength for your residential or commercial real estate transactions. Providing our customers with an unmatched combination of high level industry expertise and superior customer service, we provide closing and title services to consumers and real estate professionals, including mortgage lenders, real estate agents, and developers. With several offices conveniently located across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Alamo Title Company is committed to conveniently serving our customers when and where they need us most and we look forward to being your trusted partner, efficiently and accurately assisting you with your next real estate transaction.

#1 Net Sheet & Closing Cost Software

Looking for a reliable real estate calculator program? Then look no further, AlamoAgent is designed to put YOU in control of the numbers in seconds from your smart phone or computer. AlamoAgent is dedicated to helping real estate professionals achieve a higher level of service by simplifying the numbers and putting the answers in the palm of your hand! We have loaded all the formulas you need to calculate net sheets for your seller. With county specific taxes, title fees, lender fees and all other closing cost we provide convenience, allowing you to provide your clients with fast and accurate estimates when you need them. When you use AlamoAgent, your clients will see a professional interface and lightning fast responses to questions about payments, proceeds, closing costs and much more.

We Can Help You

Successfully closing real estate transactions in today’s economic environment has never been more challenging. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or real estate agent, you need to be certain the title company you select as your trusted partner has the up to date industry knowledge, experience and financial strength necessary to help you successfully close your real estate transaction. At Alamo Title Company, we have committed ourselves to not only helping you gather critical information, but also to helping you interpret and apply this information in an effort to provide rational and creative solutions to title problems even in the most complex transactions. We offer after hours and weekend closings whether it is in our office, the lenders’ office or the comfort the client’s home because we are committed to providing superior service and convenience with all of the latest state of the art closing options. We provide you with peace of mind knowing that the deal will close on time and as smoothly as possible. It is our goal to help lenders, builders, developers, and real estate professionals grow and succeed.